Review: “Gil’s All Fright Diner” by A. Lee Martinez

Before I review, a little bit of honesty: I’ve met Mr. Martinez, and I think he’s a great guy — hilarious, a great game player, and great to talk to. This may color my impression of the book, but I doubt it.

This is simply a damn good book. Interesting characters, a fun story. Lots of hilarious passages. A one-eyed squid monster that’s trying to destroy the world. I mean, what else could you want? There’s a reason this novel did so well: it’s a blast to read, and a fast read too.

I haven’t read any of Martinez’s other works yet, but I’ll definitely be giving them a shot.

My only complaint is that I’m not sure why he hasn’t done a sequel to Gil’s. With the world he created, there are ample opportunities for other stories.

6 out of 7 monocular septapus arms.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

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