Busy Buzzy Bee

Been working a lot on the edits on Novel 1 and thinking about Novel 2 a lot. Novel 1 edits have slowed down, only now am I actually 200 pp away from the end — I had targeted Saturday for that, but things are still moving.

Been thinking about changes I can make to old short stories to make them salable. I think I may be getting closer on those, and I may be able to knock them out once the edits are done. That’s the current plan: Finish edits, rewrite 2 stories (maybe 3), then back to the novel.

Otherwise time has been eaten up by work, family, and the gym — where I am trying to ditch some nagging injuries. I haven’t heard anything out of my left calf for a while, so it may be fixed (knock on wood). But my knee is still nagging me. There has to be an easy solution — it’s been so close to recovery in the past few months that I can’t believe it’s anything serious.

With all the weight loss (14 lbs so far), I’ve been ramping up the running again (slowly) and the Amtgard sword fighting too. I’m not where I was a year ago, sword-wise, but I am better than I was a month ago. Need to get reaction speed and some complex combos back — Artus Pass is a great, friendly park, but it has made me lazy.

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