Living the Life This Week

Family Update –
1) Kiddo is a blast, and wifey is wonderful
2) Need to spend more time with wife, been very busy

Writing Updates –
1) Novel 1 re-edits complete, sent to proof readers for feedback. Waiting on response.
2) World War 1 short story rewrites complete, letting simmer
3) Turkish Fairy Tales short story rewrites – will begin today by importing story into Scrivener and dividing into sections.

Game company updates –
1) Game 1 layout files done
2) Game 2 layout files done
3) Company paperwork in progress
4) Elite team of talent assembled
5) Play testing on several other games in progress
6) Test art for Game Y in progress
7) Game 3 art ready to start

Kung Fu Updates –
1) Have relearned Compulsory Taiji Fan 1, Yang Taiji 10, 16, and 24, Yang Taiji 18 Sword.
2) Significant progress on relearning Yang Taiji 32 Sword, Compulsory Taij Fan 2.
3) Still going to class once a week (I used to go 5 times per week, but after the baby once a week seems like a treat)

Amtgard/Sword Fighting updates –
1) Placed 2nd in Regional/Kingdom level Crown Qualifications, which is a major feat
2) Placed 1st in a small local tournament
3) Knee rehab going well, pain is still there but much less
4) Speed and footwork seem to be coming back, but I need to start training with some top level talent if I don’t want to get rusty again.

Guitar Updates –
Sadly, nothing.

Overall status-
Pretty good. Happy. My wife needing more support (high criticality) and my lack of attention to guitar (low criticality) are my major areas that need improvement in LIVING THE LIFE this week.

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