Review: DEATHMATCH by J.S. Ridler

Are you into thrillers with lots of violence and femme fatales? Do you like underdog heroes, social misfits, and professional wrestling?

Then DEATHMATCH by J. S. Ridler is for you. Ridler’s hero is a former local cowpunk rockstar named Spar Battersea, a down-and-not-out-yet ex-alcoholic who is just getting his feet back under him, thanks to his buddy Ray who — literally — pulled Spar out of a toilet.

Ray works a dead-end job by day, but by night he’s the Clown Royale, a hero of the local amateur wrestling league.

When the Clown dies of a heart attack just before the biggest match of his life, Spar almost crawls back inside a bottle and gives up on life — but soon the clues don’t add up. Clown Royale has been royally murdered, and Spar is the only person who cares enough to hunt down the murderers.

Thus begins a series like no other I have read — gritty, lowdown, gutwrenching, and definitely NSFW.

Read it, before it sneaks up behind you and hits you over the head with a chair!

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