Your turn: What drives YOU?

So in my last post I talked about MY dream — to one day meet all the living members of Monty Python, despite the (very Pythonesque) ridiculous impossibility of it ever happening.

It’s not a very big dream, all in all.

No one’s going to die if I don’t do it (Okay… I’ll grant you that if you believe in the butterfly effect and random chains of causality, someone WILL die (unavoidably), but we will never know it’s linked).

There’s no guilt involved here. No money (except my own, if I ever get the chance to fly to meet one or more of these guys.)

But it’s still a dream… And it took a LOT for me to put it out there, put it in the open, heart on my sleeve, and a host of other cliches all circling like carnivorous budgies over a wildebeest.

And even this dream, insignificant compared to sooooo many others, took a lot for me to put out there in the open, to ask for help with, to say, “I can’t ever do this on my own, is there anyone in the whole world that can help?”

So my question is — How about you? What’s your NON-money-or-sex-related dream? What drives YOU?

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  1. I would like to be at a point with my art that I would be interviewed for a magazine or online article by someone who met my work before anyone talked to them about me or it.

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