Trifectas are a little bit different these days — I have MORE hobbies, not fewer, and a lot of different things draining on my time. And through it all, I still absolutely MUST find time for the family.

So… With all that said, let me introduce you to a new trifecta:

1) Standup Comedy

Standup Comedy for 4 hours, did a little networking, but I could’ve done better. I missed a great opportunity to hobnob with the veteran comedian that — in all likelihood — is about to go pro. But I really needed to get back to 2)

Did a lot of tweaks to my comedy material — which, basically, is comedy writing — and I think I did really well on stage. Not a kill, but a definite wild ride for the audience, which — me being strange and surreal by nature — is all I can hope for.

2) Family Time

I think I did really well on this one today. Spent quite a while “watching” the daughter-unit, and also did a lot of playing and cleaning up her toys with her. Also hung out with wifey and talked.

3) Kung Fu

Practiced quite a few forms, most of which I just relearned yesterday:
– *Yang 18 Jian (Jian is a Straight Sword — in the west we call them Long Swords)
– Yang 32 Jian (I relearned only to about half way, but I was surprised I got that far)
– Compulsory Shaolin Staff Form #1 (relearned from scratch in 30 mins! Woohoo!)
– *Compulsory Yang Taiji Fan Form #1

* I had already relearned these two, but my brain had already mixed them up and forgotten bits of them again, so I had to straighten them out on Sunday.

Combine these with the forms I’ve already relearned:
– Yang 10 Fist
– Yang 16 Fist
– Yang 24 Fist

And I’m starting to build up a head of steam. If I can relearn the Yang 88 Fist Long Form, I will be doing REALLY well.

I’ve had the experience, several years ago, of relearning Xingyi; when my knee feels better, I believe I can do that rapidly. It is the Taiji — with the 5 minute or 15 minute forms — that takes the longest time to relearn, because it is SO LONG and SO COMPLEX.

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