(Bowie )

You! Set your dainty cup of grease down,
and be like the you you remember, like the man just-dead.
Days cry for him.
He’s gone, all of his time piled up, unsmelted ore behind the Now,
and I will set this down with drills in stone in the Met:
“There are wonders at the door,
Be seeing ya.”


Did Robert Johnson Really Sell His Soul to the Devil?

Straight from BoingBoing and PBS, a new RadioLab Episode discussing the truth or fiction behind the famous legend that blues great Robert Johnson got so good by selling his soul to the devil.


BTW, per Robert Lockwood, Jr. (essentially Robert Johnson’s stepson) and Honeyboy Edwards (who was at the party the night Robert Johnson was poisoned through to the day he died), Johnson never mentioned selling his soul to the devil.

FYI, I have an autographed 10-string signed by both of these guys; that’s as close as I can ever get to having an autograph by Robert Johnson himself.