Reminder: “A Distant Sound of Hammers” out in Spectra Magazine, Issue #1. Buy it while it’s hot!

Just a reminder: Spectra Magazine, Issue #1 is out and they need your support! With great stories from Kristine Katherine Rusch, Kim Falconer, myself, and Brian Dolton, it’s a don’t-miss.

It’s available on Kindle, IPad, IPhone and other formats here:

Here’s a preview of my story, about 750 words in to the action:

Had a great time at FenCon. First time I

I had a blast at FenCon this weekend. Met lots of great folks, too many to count or to mention here, but everyone was so friendly and great, I was really surprised. 🙂 Why can’t the rest of life be like that?

Strangely, I only went to about 4 panels. My best times were walking around saying hi to people or talking to them in the bar or the ConSuite.

Oh, and I missed Michelle Muenzler’s reading, which is an unforgivable act. So if I disappear, she may have offed me.