Busy Buzzy Bee

Been working a lot on the edits on Novel 1 and thinking about Novel 2 a lot. Novel 1 edits have slowed down, only now am I actually 200 pp away from the end — I had targeted Saturday for that, but things are still moving.

Been thinking about changes I can make to old short stories to make them salable. I think I may be getting closer on those, and I may be able to knock them out once the edits are done. That’s the current plan: Finish edits, rewrite 2 stories (maybe 3), then back to the novel.

Otherwise time has been eaten up by work, family, and the gym — where I am trying to ditch some nagging injuries. I haven’t heard anything out of my left calf for a while, so it may be fixed (knock on wood). But my knee is still nagging me. There has to be an easy solution — it’s been so close to recovery in the past few months that I can’t believe it’s anything serious.

With all the weight loss (14 lbs so far), I’ve been ramping up the running again (slowly) and the Amtgard sword fighting too. I’m not where I was a year ago, sword-wise, but I am better than I was a month ago. Need to get reaction speed and some complex combos back — Artus Pass is a great, friendly park, but it has made me lazy.

Sorry for the radio silence

Been working on edits on Novel 1, due to some interest in it, and helping put together the annual Locus Online list of International Science Fiction with Jeff VanderMeer.

Simultaneously, I’ve been changing my lifestyle, losing some weight, trying to keep all the balls rolling.

So — not very much time to write on the blog, sorry. I will try to get some info up soon, though on what I’m not sure.