Plot Bunnies

So… I’ve been chasing plot bunnies recently. If you don’t know what plot bunnies are, they’re little ideas for stories — and once you start working on one, another pops up, and another.

And the stories I’m working on are novels, and novels take a long time and a lot of effort, so… I’ve had to pull back.

I’ve put Silly Hitchiker’s-Guide-Monty-Python-inspired madness novel on hold. I’ve put the rewrite of Debut Epic Fantasy Novel for Epic Fantasy Series #1 on hold. I’ve put plotting Epic Fantasy Series #2 on hold.

And I’ve turned my attention to the Faustian Dark Novel, focusing in on it like a laser beam…. Except then my laser beam gets a little scattered.

– I started rewriting an ancient Novelette of mine.
– I started learning Sanskrit (which actually seems to be helping my creativity, not harming it)
– I started actually PROMOTING Teddy Bears and Tea Parties, which I had never had the guts to do before.

And while, yes, this has had an impact on my Dark Faustian Novel’s word count (especially promotion — I seem unable to promote and write in the same day), the Novel is still chugging right along.

Still, I may have to focus in a bit harder.

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