Review: The Mage in Black

The Mage in Black
The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Continuing with the Sabina Kane series, Jaye Wells starts this book out with a bang — and a HUGE one. This book takes off a fast clip and just keeps going. Like I always say, if you’re looking for Vampires+Action, Wells should be your first stop.

Sabina Kane, half-vampire half-mage, has to come to terms with the magic-wielding side of her bloodline and the self-destructive streak inside her. There is more focus here on the romantic elements, and a simultaneous doubling-down on the action and adrenaline from the first novel, ending in a truly epic battle of good against evil — or at least light gray against dark gray.

I think this is her strongest Sabina Kane book yet (but I’ve only read the first three so far). Great pacing, great, action, lots of suspense — an all-around thrill ride.

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Review: Revolution World

Revolution World
Revolution World by Katy Stauber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Texas revolutions, fire-breathing cows, ninja pomeranians, Canadian vampires, and terrorist plots — this book has something for everyone! Stauber is out there pushing the envelope, welding outrageous concepts together until you have something new, something fresh — a tilting, juddering steel rollercoaster of a novel.

The core of the novel is an unexpected romance, but everything from gene manipulation to totalitarian government to videogames is explored, and somehow all comes back to the center. High marks for originality, high marks for bringing it all together, high marks for being something NEW.

I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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