WIP: Buckling Down and Plotting it Out

Been failing to plug away at the novel, which usually means I need to fix something. In this case: the plot.

I’ve been seat-of-the-pantsing the current Work-in-Progress novel long enough. I like it, I’m interested in it — I’ve bought-in, as they say. Phase 1, falling in love, is done. Time to have an idea where I’m heading.

I sat down tonight and cooked up a pretty solid-looking plot. 60-or-so scenes in mind, following a three-act structure.

It’ll change, of course. I’d be scared if it didn’t. But it also helps me know all is not void and darkness. Yes, just like the working title of this one, “Sometimes There is Light.”

I am Reviewed: A Distant Sound of Hammers

Errant Dreams has a review up for the Zombiesque anthology, and of “A Distant Sound of Hammers” as well:

“S. Boyd Taylor’s A Distant Sound of Hammers delves into what might happen if the zombies organized and ended up on top, breeding humans for food. Questions of the pros and cons of being a zombie or a human in this society, set within the prickly relationship between a zombie man and his human sister, elevate what could have been a simplistic story into something with much more depth and interest.”

Full article available here.

I also received a wonderful message from a reader that enjoyed the story. I need more of those. 🙂

Reminder: “A Distant Sound of Hammers” out in Spectra Magazine, Issue #1. Buy it while it’s hot!

Just a reminder: Spectra Magazine, Issue #1 is out and they need your support! With great stories from Kristine Katherine Rusch, Kim Falconer, myself, and Brian Dolton, it’s a don’t-miss.

It’s available on Kindle, IPad, IPhone and other formats here: http://spectramagazine.com/buy/

Here’s a preview of my story, about 750 words in to the action: