I will be appearing at ConDFW this weekend, 2/19/14-2/21/14

To my (tiny) fan base (and to my much larger group of friends):
I will be appearing at ConDFW this weekend (2/19/14-2/21/14). Come check it out!

My panels:

Friday 6p-7p: The Foot is Mightier than the Pen
– Me and Adrian Simmons show writers what real martial arts looks like.

Saturday 4p-5p: Star Wars vs. Star Trek
-I will be on the Star Wars side.

Sunday 11am-Noon: Mining for New Ideas
– Where to find new iedas for your writing.


Went to FenCon this weekend and met soooooo many people. Pardon me, I am part geek, I’m not good at keeping lists of them — but everyone (really everyone) was so nice. It was a blast to be there. Among the many great folks:
– The usual suspects (you guys should know who you are!)
– Chris of Books-a-million (who gave awesome insight into the state of libraries and book stores and what people are expecting to happen next, technologically)
– Felicia of Geeky Blogger Fame, and crew.
– Lou Anders (nice enough to talk to me for about 20 minutes on the state of Epic and Low Fantasy, thanks Lou!)
– Toni Weisskopf (publisher of Baen Books, who graciously allowed me to ramble on and on about completely unimportant things)
– And a whole host of new people who I am still sorting through business cards for, and will be catching up with shortly.

Just back from AggieCon 42

I had a wonderful time — and 7 panels. 4 panels in a row on Friday. Man, I was exhausted.

Met a lot of great people: John Joseph Adams, Catherynne M. Valente, Michael Bey, Veronica Stark, Patrice Sarath, Tom Knowles, O. M. Grey, and Martha Wells.

And there were the usual suspects too: William Ledbetter, A. Lee Martinez, Stina Leicht, and many many more!

A real thrill was to see my old friend Katie Stauber, author of “Revolution World”, and her husband Chet — haven’t seen them in 8+ years!

All in all, a blast.

Going to ConDFW next Weekend

Well, I’m going to ConDFW this coming weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. I know it’s not as well-attended as FenCon, but I had a lot of fun there last year and hope to again this one.

No panels this year, so this one’s for the fun only 🙂