Teddy Bears and Tea Parties Review

Just ran into this one:
http://soireb.blogspot.com/2012/01/teddy-bears-and-tea-parties-spoilers.html (spoilers in the review, warning!)

My favorite (non spoilery) quote from the review is this:
“I’m hoping that the author publishes a sequel or at least another book set in the same universe to try to get a better sense of world itself.”

Well, if they want to read another story in that universe, they must have liked it a little, right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I am Reviewed: A Distant Sound of Hammers

Errant Dreams has a review up for the Zombiesque anthology, and of “A Distant Sound of Hammers” as well:

“S. Boyd Taylor’s A Distant Sound of Hammers delves into what might happen if the zombies organized and ended up on top, breeding humans for food. Questions of the pros and cons of being a zombie or a human in this society, set within the prickly relationship between a zombie man and his human sister, elevate what could have been a simplistic story into something with much more depth and interest.”

Full article available here.

I also received a wonderful message from a reader that enjoyed the story. I need more of those. 🙂